Here we go again if you have reached this part of my world, you probably are interested in what I’m doing!  At one time in my life, I ran a small web company that worked freelance for failed sites like,, and a few others.  I called this company MatrixNet Solutions. This company paid the bills through my late teens and early twenties, but as life went on I joined the military and worked in retail to support myself I let this company fall to the wayside.

Current Projects:

I have been working on several dropship websites and learned that those don’t work too well without consistant capital for advertising, and truthfully this makes them not profitable.  I will be relaunching the domain, and tossing the other domains currently in use. MatrixNet will be retired and no longer renewed after 20 Years!


Everyone hopes that they will strike it rich with whatever they are doing on the side.  I’m just hoping that I can pay the bills and put away a little money every month.  I hope to add a podcast or a video blog to my portfolio of projects but with all the work I’m doing I’m not really sure if that is going to be attenable.